Reuben, a man of color v. William Morrisson
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circuit court of St Louis County

MissouriMissouri a man of color
aged about thirty five and was free in
South CarolinaCarolina and was taken into IllinoisIllinois
andand as a slave that
WilliamWilliam Morison of IllinoisIllinois had
possession of andfurther
IllinoisIllinois hein the said county
and state until he was
state of MissouriMissouri where he was
that he was then IllinoisIllinois
andthe said william Morison to
the Countyheand
and then was brought back to the
state of IllinoisIllinois, that in
and by the said WilliamWilliam Morison
or in the possession of a Johnwho
commanded thenbed
as a slave, that the said John

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possession of hisand that
isin the possession of the said
Johnwho claimsas a slave and

that he is
& pardon prays for MissouriMissouri
his right to theand further prays
that this
the said WilliamWilliam
Morison and Johnwhen he
furtheris your petition
the of this

Sworn to and subscribed
before me this 1st day ofAprilAD 1834
Patrick WalshPatrick Walsh
Justice of the Peace


ReubenReuben his mark Morrisson