Reuben, a man of color v. William Morrisson
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St LouisSt Louiscounty to wit ReubenReuben MorissonMorisson
a man of color of of WilliamWilliam MorissonMorisson
and John C Swan of a
for that the said WilliamWilliam MorissonMorisson and
John C. Swan on the first day of April in the year 1834 with and
made an oath for the said ReubenReuben
MorissonMorisson to wit at the county of st Louis
and then and therethe said Reu
ben a great many and
and then and there inprisoned the said
ReubenReuben and left and
there without any reasonable
whatsoever for aspace ofto wit
space of two days
following to and against
will of the said ReubenReuben MorissonMorisson
the said ReubenReuben that before and at
of of the said

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was and still is a free person
and the defendants sold and detained and
still sold and detained him in slavery
whereby the said ReubenReuben MorissonMorisson
has been breatly bruised wounded and
to to wit at the county of StSt Louis LouisSt Louis and other
wrongs and there did against
of the state and to the damage of
the plaintiff five hundred dollars and there