Abraham Dutton, a boy of color, by and through his next friend, Grace Dutton v. John PAca
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To the Honorable the Judge of the circuit Court of St LouisSt Louis

The petition of AbrahamAbraham Dutton DuttonAbraham Dutton a free boy of
color an infant under the age of twenty one years
by Grace his mother and next friend respect-.
-fully represents

That his grand mother who was named
HannahHannah was a slave the property of one JosiasJosias Dallam WilliamWilliam DallamJosias Dallam in the State of MarylandMaryland and that the said
DallamDallam while he so owned the said HannahHannah on
the thirteenth day of March in the year seventeen hundred and eighty seven a of -
by which he the siad
at the of year from the date of
said deed the in said deed that
the children or that might
from said and he in after the
of said deed should he free at twenty three years
of age. that his mother
was the daughter of said and was the year seventeen hundred and ninety two
and that your was about the month of
April in the year eighteen hundred and nineteen and
after his said mother has the age of twenty
three years. then that his mother
is in the enjoy ment of her that
your is held as a slave of St LouisSt Louis
who your as property
by his marriage with the daughter of the said JosiasJosias Dallam
WilliamWilliam DallamJosias Dallam Wherefore your petitioner prays that
he may be permitted to institute a suit as a poor person
against the said JosiasWilliamWilliam Dallow to recover his
freedom and that counsel be assigned him according to law.

Grace her


mark DuttonDutton
next friend

H RH R Gamble GambleH R Gamble