Rachel v. William Walker
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William WalkerWilliam Walker

Be it remembered that on the
trial of this case before the Court sitting as a
Jury Elias T. LanghamElias T Langham was called as a witness on
the behalf of the plaintiff who testified that in
the fall of the year 1830, he the witness then re-
siding at or near the mouth of the St. Peters, came
to St. LouisSt Louis & that one T. B. W. Stockton then sent
by witness to major Brant of St. LouisSt Louis to purchase
a slave: that the plaintiff was purchased
for said StocktonStockton and was by the
witness taken up to him to Fort SnellingFort Snelling at
St. Peters in the same fall, where said StocktonStockton
held her as a Slave, till the fall of the year
1831. when he removed to PrairiePrairie du CheinChein
taking the said RachelRachel with him as his Slave
at which place he held her in slavery, till
about the spring of the year 1834 when
he took her to St. LouisSt Louis and
sold her: that Fort SnellingFort Snelling is on the west
side of the Mississippi RiverMississippi River & North of the StateMissouri
of MissouriMissouri & in the territory of the United StatesUnited States:
that said StocktonStockton , before he bought said RachelRachel
had resided at Fort SnellingFort Snelling about two years & was
still residing there when he bought her, having
just married: that during the whole time he
was at Fort SnellingFort Snelling as aforesaid, he was
there as an officer of the United StatesUnited States army
attached to the troops there by witness believed & during the time
he was at PrairiePrairie du ChienChien , he was likewise
there as such officer, & was in the quarter wal-
ters or commissary's department: that PrairiePrairie

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an ChienChien is on the east side of the Mississi-
sippi River in the territory of MichiganMichigan and that
the said RachelRachel was only employed in attendance upon said StocktonStockton this family

The following extract of a letter of said Stock-
ton was also read in evidence by consent of

``Rachel the girl who has now sued for her
" freedom was purchased of Major Brant, by
" my direction, and sent up to Fort SnellingFort Snelling
" upper MississippiMississippi to me in the fall of 1830.
" In the fall of 1831 I went on furlough with
" my family & took RachelRachel along with me.
" Early in Spring of 1832 I was placed on duty
" in WashingtonWashington City, where I remained un-
" til August following when I was ordered to
" Fort Crawford, PrairiePrairie du Chien, Michigan
" Territory where I arrived in October following &
" remained there until June 1834 the period at
" which I sold RachelRachel , having taken her with
" me to St. LouisSt Louis MissouriMissouri for that purpose
" Her son was born at Fort Crawford, some
time in the spring or summer of 1834. Da-
"ring all the time I owned her & her child I
" was an officer of the United StatesUnited States army, sta-
"tioned at those different posts by order of the
" proper authority. RachelRachel was never employed
" otherwise there as my private servant and
" in immediate attendance upon my family"

The following statement made by J. SpaldingJ Spalding was
by consent read in evidence for the plaintiff