William Clark v. John Roach
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State of MissouriMissouri
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis Louis
LouisCounty of St Louis Louis

In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
July Term 1834

WilliamWilliam Clerk by his at
torney, complains of John RoachJohn Roach of a plea of
trespass on the case, for that whereas the said
defendant heretofore to wit on twenty first day of
april in the year eighteen Hundred and thirty
four at the County aforesaid was indebted to the
said plaintiff in the sum of five Hundred dol
-lars lawful money of the United StatesUnited States for so much
money by the said plaintiff to the said defendant
before that time lent and advanced to and paid
laid out and expended for, the use of the said
defendant and all his special instance and request
and being so indebted, he the said defendant in
consideration thereof afterwards to wit on the day
and year last aforesaid at the County afore-
said undertook and then and there faithfully
promised the said plaintiff to pay him the said
sum of money above mentioned when he the
said defendant showed he thereunto afterwards
requested. nevertheless the said defendant not
regarding his said promise and undertalking
hath not as yet paid to the said plaintiff
the said sum of money above mentioned
or any part thereof but to do the same hath
hitherto wholy neglected and refused and still
doth reject and refuse to the damage of
said plaintiff five hundred dollars and there
for he brings his suit & c.

atty for pltff