Thomas L. Smith vs. Pierre Chouteau Jr.
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Etienne Proveau, of lawful age being produced sworn
and examined on the part of the plaintiff deposes & says:
In the month of July eighteen hundred and thirty one
was in the employment of the American Fur CompanyMissouri Fur Company
with a party of their men in the mountains under the
command of Mr HenryHenry Vanderberg who was agent of the
Company. Then I saw Mr SmithSmith the plaintiff in this
Cause. M Vanderberg informed the that he had bought
SmithSmith out. that is he had bought his beaver and
Equipment but did not say how much he had
agreed to give for the same: I was not present when
the trade was made, and could not distinguish the
beaver that smith had sold from other beaver already
there - I saw there two mules which Vanderberg had
got fromSmithSmith . Vanderberg was the agent of the
Company Carried on business for them_ and all the
acts which he performed were for the company and on

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their account. I became acquainted with SmithSmith
the plaintiff in the Spanish County in the year
Eighteen hundred and twenty four. He was a hunter
and trapper then, and I have known him as such
since that time. He never was in the employment
of the American Fur CompanyMissouri Fur Company previous to the time
he sold them his beaver & Equipment as aforesaid
to my knowledge. I never saw him Eighteen hundred and twenty four until I saw him at the
Camp in the mountains when he sold out to Vanderberg
I went away from the Camp in the fall leaving
SmithSmith then with Vanderberg. In December I returned,
SmithSmith was gone and some men came to camp
and reported that they and SmithSmith had been
by the Indians who stole their horses.

Etienne Proveau his mark


Sworn to and subscribed before on this fifteenth day of march Eighteen hundred and thirty four

WilsonWilson Primm J. P.