Thomas L. Smith vs. Pierre Chouteau Jr.
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that I arrived there, with a party of men to go and hunt for
the company. The party consisted of ten men including SmithSmith . Four of them including SmithSmith were men engaged to the Company
their names were Levy - he deserted - Ignace Langlade and
Dusocher. Four belonged to O'Fallon's party - they were John
Thiery White Cotton Cyrus Alexander and HarrisHarris . The other
two were JosephJoseph L'enfant and Miller. CottonCotton Miller and
L'enfant were killed after they returned to camp in the winter.

The amount due to MrSmithSmith had not been diminished
and was the same when I left the party in the mountains, that
it was when I went to it, with the exception of one or two
hundred dollars for which he had received value. The beaver
and other things which SmithSmith sold the Company and for which
he had the credit on their books as before mentioned, were sold
by him before he was employed by them, and had been
acquired by him when acting for himself. That beaver was
at the Establishment on the yellow stone before I left there for
the mountains, and as all beaver is sent from there to St LouisSt Louis
the presumption is that the beaver sold by SmithSmith was also
sent to St LouisSt Louis.

The books of which I have spoken and in which
Mr SmithSmith was credited as aforesaid belonged to the American
FurMissouri Fur Company CompanyMissouri Fur Company of which Peter ChouteauPierre Chouteau Junior the defendant
was a partner and agent in St LouisSt Louis.

About a year after the time above mentioned, Vanderberg
was killed in the mountains. The books of which I have spoken
were left by me about the Second of last august in the hands
of Mr Fontenelle at the Camp in the mountains. When I
went there as before Stated, MrSmithSmith was there also. I never
saw SmithSmith after he left the Camp for the purpose of hunting
as aforesaid, until this winter. Some of the men who had gone
with him came back to Camp in December of the Same year

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their Expedition having been frustrated by the Indians who
stole their horses. I dont know that any payment of the
amount due SmithSmith was ever made to him otherwise there as above stated.

I feel confident that there is a balance
now due SmithSmith of at least twelve or thirteen hundred
dollars, by the American FurMissouri Fur Company CompanyMissouri Fur Company . Mr Fontenelle
in whose hands I left the books as before stated, was the
agent of the Company for the Expedition in the mountains.

Manl. Alvarez

Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 21st march AD 1834.

WilsonWilson Primm Justice of the peace