Thomas L. Smith vs. Pierre Chouteau Jr.
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of witness product sworn and examined on the eight day of april eighteen hundred and thiry four, between the louis of eight o'clock
in the forenoon and five in the afternoon of that day, at the office of
WilliamWilliam Primm in the City of St LouisCity of St Louis and County of St LouisCounty of St Louis in the state of
MissouriMissouri before me the said WilsonWilson Primm a Justice of the peace within
and for the County aforesaid, in a certain cause now depending in the
Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St Louis County aforesaid, between ThomasThomas L Smith LThomas L Smith SmithThomas L Smith
plaintiff and Peter ChouteauPierre Chouteau Jr. defendant on the part of the plff

Simon Card of lawful age being produced sworn and examined
on the part of the plaintiff deposeth and Saith: That he is acquainted
with ThomasThomas L Smith LThomas L Smith .SmithThomas L Smith the plaintiff he knew him on the River Platte
about three or four years ago; SmithSmith had been acting for himself
hunting and trapping in the mountains on his own account and
had with him some mules loaded with beaver which he told deponent
was three packs and a half. SmithSmith had also with him a
. A short time after, SmithSmith entered into Vanderberg's employ
and the general report which deponent believes, was, that he sold his
beaver to Vanderberg. SmithSmith after this went for Mr Vanderberg as
I understood to hunt and trap in the mountains. Deponent has
not seen SmithSmith from that time until a few days since in St LouisSt Louis.

SimonSimon his


mark Card
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 8th day of april A.D. 1834

WilsonWilson Primm J.P.