Thomas L. Smith vs. Pierre Chouteau Jr.
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there were four or five others - Witness understood
by SmithSmith and the others in Company with him
in trapping, that they had been fitted out by
M Vanderburg - and they stated as a reason
for going into the Spanish Country that they
had been robbed of their horses by the Indians -
they had traps, thinks between twenty and thirty
and some horses with them - Witness thinks
SmithSmith told him to inform ChouteauChouteau that he
had a horse and some traps that belonged
to the Am: Fur: Co. being a part of the outfit of
one of the men who afterwards deserted
Cross examined

Witness says that he understood that most
of the Beaver had been trapped by SmithSmith and
his party, & some purchased from Indians.
understood from SmithSmith that a part of the Beaver
was trapped before he & his company had been
robbed by the Indians, and some of it was
trapped within a few days travel of Taos -
did not understand from SmithSmith that he
had been robbed of any thing but his horses,
& SmithSmith told witness that he remained in
his Camp several days after he had been
robbed of his horses - thinks he gave SmithSmith
at the rate of three dollars & a quarter per
pound for the Beaver - Witness being asked
what became of the traps: says that SmithSmith
went from Taos trapping again - SmithSmith
claimed fourteen hundred dollars of ChouteauChouteau
and gave a drft on ChouteanChoutean as agent
of the Am: Fur Co: which drft was protested -
which claim was for services, furs &c ren=
dered & delivered to Mr Vanderburg as informed
by SmithSmith - the claim originated
previous to SmithSmith & his company being robbed
by the Indians as SmithSmith also informed him -

The defendant

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objects to so much of the Crop exam=
ination as relates to Smither declarations
Concerning the Draft and his claim on
the Am: Fur CompanyMissouri Fur Company

Sworn to & Subscribed
before me this day the
4th day of Apl 1835

D HoughD Hough J.P..