Judy alias Julia Logan, a woman of color vs. Berry Meachum, a man of color
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Form of heading and assigning depositions
of the trespass taken before the undersigned a
justice of the peace within and for the county of
State ofKentucky KentuckyKentucky at the court holden at Owensborough in said state and county on the days hereafter mentioned
at the end of each between the hours of
Nine O'clock in the Six O'clock in the afternoon
of each of said days to in evidence on the trial
of a cause pending in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St Louis County
and state of MissouriMissouri and
is plaintiff and Berry is defendant
an the at the part of the plaintiff

A B of Lawful
on the part of the plaintiff and there
insert the statement of the The depositions must
bewritten by the justice or by some one in his presence
and must be subscribed by the at the foot
of each the magistrate must certify as
follows in the 28the day of october 1835 A B

At the foot of all the depositionsmust
be a certificate as follows

I A B a Justice of the peace within
and for the county of state of
KentuckyKentucky do certify that the defendents
aforesaid there wantthesenames,werebymerespectfully
Sworn to testify the whole truth of their knowledge
touching the matters in controversy between the
aforesaid that their were reduced to
and by the departments respectfully subscribed in my presence
on the days between the hours and at the place
as above stated under my hand at
Owensborough aforesaid this day of 1835

A. B. J.P.