Judy alias Julia Logan, a woman of color vs. Berry Meachum, a man of color
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Depositions of witnesses taken before the undersigned a justice of the peace
nither & for the county of Davies & state of KentuckyKentucky at the court house
at Owensborough in said state & county on the days hereafter mentioned at
the end of each deposition between the hours of nine O clock in therefore
noon and six O clock in the afternoon of reach of said days to be made in
evidence on the trial of a cause pending in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St. Louis
County and state of MissouriMissouri wherein JudyJudy alias JuliaJulia logan is plaintiff
and Berry is Defendant on the part of the plaintiff.

Benjamin DuncanBenjamin Duncan of Lawful age being produced sworn
and examined on the part of the plaintiff deposeth and saith
1 Question by Plaintiff Do you know a mulatto woman named JudyJudy who
formerly belonged to Benjamin DuncanBenjamin Duncan , father of Davis County ? If so,
please describe the age complexion .

Answer I knew a mulatto woman which only father Bery Duncan owned
and sold as was of said to JamesJames Newton about the year 1822 or 1823 as soon as I
can recollect I think she must be at this time about 30 or 35 years of age - Her complexion was when i knew her a bright yellow.

2nd Question by De. Do you know that said JudyJudy was ever hired to labour in the State of
indiana? If so, please state who sent her there how long she laboured or
[ staid ] there - who was her reported master at that time and whether her reported
master either sent her there, directed her to be sent there, or appointed to her
being sent there to labour.

Answer I was young at the time JudyJudy was absent from my father's and was said
to be in the state of IndianaIndiana but I saw her there and only know that
she was there from report or rumour; neither do i known of my own personal
knowledge by whom she was sent there she was absent i think between
20 and 30 days where it was said she was there - my father BenjaminBenjamin Duncan
DuncanBenjamin Duncan was her reported master so far as i know at that time but
whether he sent her to indiana or directed her to be sent or appointed
to her being sent there i am unable to state as i did not see
them start nor do i recollect hearing him say he had sent them

3rd Question by De. Did you ever know ChristopherChristopher GrahamGraham the father-in-law of your
father Benjamin DuncanBenjamin Duncan ?

answer- I did.

BenjaminBenjamin Dunican

Sworn and subscribed to the 28th Oct 1835 before me.