Judy alias Julia Logan, a woman of color vs. Berry Meachum, a man of color
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JudyJudy alias Julia LoganJulia Logan
BerryBerry Meachum MeachumBerry Meachum

st Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court
March term 1836

Reasons for a new Trial

Because on the trial of the above case
LewisLewis a man of color was admitted &
testified as a witness, when, though the defendant was a man of color, one JamesJames
Newton a white man
was and still is interested in the
event of this suit, because in the bill of
sale given by him of the said JudyJudy to the
said defendant is a clause binding
the said Newton to defend the said
MeachumMeachum in the quiet & peacable pos-
session of said JudyJudy against any other
claims. And the said defendant, there
fore contends that though the said
Newton was not a party of record he
was a party in interest, and being a
white man, the said LewisLewis ought not
to have been admitted to testify.

C.DD Drake Deft's . DrakeD Drake Deft's

Deft'sD Drake Deft's Atty.