Judy alias Julia Logan, a woman of color vs. Berry Meachum, a man of color
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JudyJudy alias Julia LoganJulia Logan
Berry MeachumBerry Meachum

In the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court
March Term 1836

Be it remembered that on the trial of
this cause, one LewisLewis a man of color, was admitted to
testify on behalf of the plaintiff, and gave in evidence
that about nine or ten years since the plaintiff, JudyJudy
was sent by Benjamin DuncanBenjamin Duncan , her then owner, from
Daniels county State of KentuckyKentucky, into the state of IndianaIndiana,
where she remained about four weeks with the knowl
edge and consent of the said Benjamin DuncanBenjamin Duncan . That while
there, she remained in the family of EdwardEdward Jennings and
that the said Benjamin DuncanBenjamin Duncan told him, the said
LewisLewis , that said Daniels had paid him for the ser-
vices of JudyJudy , while she remained in the said state of In-
diana. SaidLewisLewis further testified that the said Benjamin Duncan
Duncan, after the time when the said JudyJudy was in In-
diana, sold her to
one JamesJames Newton, who sold her to the present defendant Berry MeachumBerry Meachum .

The plaintiff also read in evidence the following
depositions. (Here insert them.) Upon this evidence
the jury found a verdict that the plaintiff was en-
titled to her freedom, and assessed the damages
at one dollar, and the court entered judgment

The defendant within the legal time moved
the court to set aside the verdict and grant a new
trial for the following readers in writing and on
the following affidavit; (here set out the written
reasons and the affidavit) which affidavit
was read on hearing of said motion, but the
Court overruled said motion: to which opinion
of the Court overruling said motion, the defendant
by his counsel excepted, and prays the court to sign
and seal this his bill of execeptions, which is done
accordingly this 14th day of April 1831.

After the above evidence had been given in the
above case, the counsel for the plaintiff offered to
continue the above case as well as another of a simi
lar nature, to which deft's counsel did not consent.

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