Judy alias Julia Logan, a woman of color vs. Berry Meachum, a man of color
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StateMissouri ofMissouri MissouriMissouriCircuit CourtCircuit Court Third Judicial
CircuitMarch Term AD 1835

JudyJudy otherwise Julia LoganJulia Logan by BirdBird her attorney
complains of BerryBerry Meachum MeachumBerry Meachum of a plea of trespass assaults & battery & false imprisonment for that
the said defendantheretofore to wit on the
first day of March 1832 at the county
an plaintiff
then there
and her the said plaintiff then there
in therefore a Long span of term
to the day Last and
untill this term & other wrongs to the said
plaintiff then & there did against the peace
& the laws of said state. And said
plaintiff avers that before & the time of
the committing said several grievances
she was & now is a free person & the
said defendant held & detained & still
holds the plaintiff in slavery where the
plaintiff says she is greatlyinjured & hath
sustained damages to five hundred Dollars
& therefore she sues &c

GA BirdGA Bird atty for plff