Mary Johnson alias Bevinue, a woman of color, vs. Michael Menard
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MaryMary JohnsonJohnson alias

July 1833
St LouisSt Louis Cercuit

The of his
Comed and difends the and when
and says that the said plaintiff an not to have
or maintain his afousaid action against
him - Because he says chat he said defen-
dant at the time mentioned an said plaintiff
declaration, or befow, had not, non claim to-
have, nor hath ho, nor ooth he new claim to-
but and to have nay
title, or interest, or right to the services, of the
said many on the
of the said many - and the said defendant is
to whenfore he prays of the
said plaintiff a or amintain his
action therof against him.

For a further plea in this behalf the said affidavit
says that the said plaintiff ought not to have or main-
tain his aforesaid action thereof against him, because
he says, he is not guilty - And of this the said defen-
dant puts himself upon the county

filedJuly 15 1835