Paul Alland Augusto, an infant of color, by his next friend, Benjamin Lawhead v. Bazil Alland and Arend Rutgers
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To the judge of the third judicial circuit of the State of

Your petitioner PaulPaul augusto allan an infant of Same his respectfully presents that he was born at
De in the then Territory, now StateIllinois ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois any alland an inhabitant De
Roche claimed and held your petitioner
as his slave at the place from the birth
of your petitioner until the death of said alland
between two and three years ago. That since the
decease of said alland your petitioner has been held in slavery, and claimed as a slave, augusto alland of said augusto
alland deceased. That a few months since
Bazil augusto alland hired your petiti
oner as a slave, to mr. of the resident of the city of StSt Louis LouisSt Louis and
State of missouri in whose custody and
charge your petitioner now is and who
claims and exercises authority over him
the of such hiring .That your petitioner
prays he may be permitted to die as a free
personand establish his right to freedom

PaulPaul augusto alland

by his next friend Benjamin Lawhead