Sally v. Henry Chouteau
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his wife their heirs & assigns may do with enjoy & dispose of the
above mentioned rights as of things to them proper
& belonging from this time & forever. And the said
BaptisteBaptiste Duchouquette & MarieMarie his wife for and in
consideration of the clauses conventions & abandonment
herein above made to them by the above named
widow of of JosephJoseph Brazeau BrazeauJoseph Brazeau deceased , they promise,
obligate & engage themselves well & truly to pay to
the said widow BrazeauBrazeau at the expiration of each
year from the day of the date of these presents during
her life time, the above mentioned sum of three hundred
and fifty dollars lawful money of the UnitedUnited States
StatesUnited States, moreover to fulfill in all its extent, the clauses
conventions & legacies mentioned in the said testament
conformably with their force & tenor, moreover to leave
to the said widow BrazeauBrazeau during her lifetime the
enjoyment of a negro named BaptisteBaptiste aged about
thirty years, who after the decease of the said widow
shall revert as the property of the said BaptisteBaptiste and
his wife, conformably with the letter of the said
testament; and moreover, for & in consideration of
the above abandonment & of the attachment which
the said Joseph BrazeauJoseph Brazeau deceased during his life-time
has manifested towards the said MariaMaria Thereze
Duchouquette, & of the love, tenderness & affection
which the said MarieMarie Duchouquette has for the said
Joseph BrazeauJoseph Brazeau deceased her uncle & of the love,
friendship & attachment which she has vowed
& vows to the said widow of Joseph BrazeauJoseph Brazeau deceased
the said BaptisteBaptiste Duchouquette & MarieMarie his wife
promise, obligate & engage themselves, that when the
happening of the decease of the said widow of the said JosephJoseph Brazeau
BrazeauJoseph Brazeau deceased , they will recognize, declare &
set free and will give deed of freedom to the mulatto
PeterPeter aged about fifty years as well as to the

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mulatto woman MarianneMarianne and to the children
whom she may have, that they may enjoy their
freedom and act and contract as free and independent
persons.'' All which will appear by the
said agreement in writing reference being thereto
had, or to the record thereof in the office of the
Recorder of St Louis County book page one hundred
and seventy two and following.''

Your petitioner further states that she is the
daughter of the said MarianneMarianne , and as such she is
advised is legally & equitably entitled to her freedom
She further states that BaptisteBaptiste Duchouquette
died on the twenty second day of July eighteen hundred & thirty three that his wife the said
Marie ThereseMarie Therese Duchouquette died on the eighth day of July eighteen eighteen hundred and eighteen, and that the said MarieTherese Brazeau
died on the second day of February - eighteen hundred and thirty four.

The said BaptisteBaptiste Duchouquette & MarieMarie Therese
ThereseMarie Therese his wife after their death left the following
named heirs each entitled to a distributed portion
of their estate, to wit;

JeanJean Baptiste BaptisteJean Baptiste Duchouquette,JosephJoseph Duchouquette,
ThereseTherese Duchouquette who intermarried
with Honore , ElizabethElizabeth Duchouquette,
commonly called Ritta Duchouquette, who intermarried
with JeanJean Baptiste BaptisteJean Baptiste L'Esperance, BrazeauBrazeau
Duchouquette who died without issue prior to the
death of his father BaptisteBaptiste Duchouquette, and
MelaniealiasCelesteCeleste Duchouquette who intermarried
with TheodorePapin and died on the twenty third of November eighteen hundred and thirty three,
leaving four children, to with MaryMary ,
Coralie & TheodorePapin.

On the thirteen day of Julyâeighteen hundred and thirty four,