Agnis, alias Agathe, v. Pierre Menard
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Know all men by these presents that I Be
verly AllenAllen am held
agnesaliasagathe in the sum of five
hundred dollars, for the payment thereof
I bind myself my heirs and as witness
now read this their 14. Nov 1835.

The condition of this is not
that whereas one PierrePierre Menard MenardPierre Menard has
petitioned the Circuit court of the county of
St LouisSt Louis, MissouriMissouri for the removal of a cause
in same court against him the said Agnis alis
AgatheAgathe into the next District CourtCircuit Court of
the United StatesUnited States for the MissouriMissouri District
now if the said PierrePierre Menard MenardPierre Menard shall on the
firstday of the session of the next district
courtaforesaidenterin said court should
said cause be removed or petitions for
copies of the proceedings the in said cause against
him and also there appear, then there this
to be void else in full force

Beverly AllenAllen

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