Josephine LaCourse v. Edward P. Mitchell
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Saint Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court July Term 1836

JosephineJosephine Lecause
Edward Mitchell

on a rule to show cause
why an attachment should
not issue against him &c
EdwardP Mitchell the defendant
in the above suit for cause why an attactment should not issue against him
for contempt of court for removing the plaintiff
out of the jurisdiction of this court, in violation
of an order in the said suit before made
says. that he the said EdwardEdward did
not remove the said plaintiff out of
the jurisdiction of this court

This respondant further says that the said
josephine before the commencement of the
said suit was bound to him the respondent
by JamesJames Mitchell MitchellJames Mitchell the father of this
defendant who held and claimedsaid
JosephineJosephine as his own property for the purpose
of waiting on the wife of the respondent
for a short period that while said
JosephineJosephine was in the employ of said
JosephineJosephine respondents wife under said
warn suit was brought by said JosephineJosephine
against this respondent the said JosephineJosephine
claiming her freedom - Immediatly after the
service of the process in said action where
this defendant he employed EdwardEdward Bates
BatesEdward Bates to defend suit as counsel
for him the respondent and suffered
that he would attend to it accordingly
and this respondant soon after left the
state of MissouriMissouri and went to the state
of KentuckyKentucky on business and returned
to St LouisSt Louis after an absence of about
there weeks- And upon his return found
that the plaintiff had been taken away