Josephine LaCourse v. Edward P. Mitchell
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State of MissouriMissouri
County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis
Josephine LaJosephine Course

In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
Nov. Term 1835

by her next friend
Edward Mitchel

Personally appeared in open
Court Arthur S. Mageins and made oath that
he is Counel for the plaintiff in this Cause
that very soon after the commencement of the
same he was informed and verily believes that
the said plaintiff was removed out of the juridiction
of this Court into the State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois by the
consent or convinience of said defendant that
this affiant has lately been informed that the right
of property to said plaintiff is claimed by
James Mitchel father of said defendant who
resides at Belleville in the state of IllinoisIllinois
that said defendant gave information to
his father the said James Mitchel
of the institution of said suit by said plain
and that therefore said plaintiff was forth
with removed from the State of MissouriMissouriby
the said defendant or his said father or by both
of them and this affiant futher saith that
he verilybelieves said plaintiff was so removed for
the purpose of depriving her of the benefit
of a trail of her right to freedom in this court

ArthurArthur L Magenis LArthur L Magenis . MagenisArthur L Magenis

Sworn to Dec 1st 1835

A GambleArchibald Gamble Clk