Lewis, a man of color vs. James Newton and Jacob Cooper
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Depositions of Witnesses taken before the undersigned a Justice of the Peace
within & for DaviessDaviess County CountyDaviess County & State of KentuckyKentucky at the Court House at Owensboro
in State & County on the days hereafter Specified at the end of each Deposi-
tion between the hours of Nine O Clock in the forenoon and Six O Clock in the after-
noon of each of said Days to be read in evidence on the trial of
a Cause pending in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St. Louis County & State of MissouriMissouri
wherein JudyJudy Alias Louis (a man of Color is Plaintiff. and JamesJames Newton or JacobJacob Cooper is defend-
ant - on the part of the Defendant-

I WilliamWilliam Newton of Lawful Age
being produced Sworn and Examined on the part of the Defendant
deposeth and saith-

1 Question by Defts.- Were you acquainted with Benjn Duncan
formerly of DaviessDaviess County CountyDaviess County KentuckyKentucky. The owner of JudyJudy
in this action.

Answer I was

State all the information you have on the subject of
his having sold all his Negroes Slaves to ChristopherChristopher
GrahamGraham what you heard DuncanDuncan say on the subject
and the circumstances attending it-

Answer- Benjn Duncan- was a Candidate for the Legislature in this County in
the year 1821 or 22 and I believe was charged with having made
a Sale of his Negroes fraudulently to defraud his creditors - In a speech
before the people which he BerynDuncanDuncan made on the subject he
declared that he had made the sale of his negroes in good faith
for the purpose of paying off his debts and for the benefit of his
creditors and not to injure them - I was appointed Sheriff
of DaviessDaviess County CountyDaviess County in 1823 and was very intimate with BenjaminBenjamin Duncan
DuncanBenjamin Duncan and had one Execution or more in my hands against
him at or about the time of his death and he told me then that the
sale of his negroes to GrahamGraham was made in Good faith and
to Pay his debts and that he wanted to keep his negroes together
and Prevent their being Scattered.

Question by D: Do you or do you not know that the money
received for the sale of JudyJudy was appropriated to pay
off Executions in your Hands. as Sheriff of DaviessDaviess County
CountyDaviess County - against Benjamin DuncanBenjamin Duncan

Answer. I know the said Money was so appropriated.

Wm Newton

Sworn and subjected to the 28th Oct. 1835

H. A. Hobbs J.P.