Lewis, a man of color vs. James Newton and Jacob Cooper
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The Deposition of Wm. Newton taken
at the House EdmondEdmund Jinnings in the
Town of Troy Perry County & StateIndiana
of IndianaIndiana on the 26th day of Oct. 1835 to be read as evidence in a suit
now depending & undetermined in the
St. LouisSt Louis Circuit wherein LewisLewis a man
of Colour is plaintiff & JamesJames Newton
& JacobJacob Cooper are defendants on the
part of the Defendants the deponent
being of Lawfull age & first duly &
Sworn deposeth

Question by Defendant JamesJames Newton
was you or well aquainted with Ben-
jamin Duncan of Davis County ky a
about 1821

Answer I was
Question did you ever hear him say
that he had given a Bill of sale to
ChristopherChristopher GrahamGraham for all of his
negroes &. I if you did please State
what you heard him day on the sub-


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I did in the summer 1821 heare him
Publickly say that he had sold all of
his negroes to ChristopherChristopher GrahamGraham
that he had been charged with ma
-king a fraudulent sale for the purprouses
of defrauding his creditors which he
did not & said he had sold them
in good faith and that he done it
for the purprous of inabling him to
pay his debts he also told me pri-
vately that he had sold them to said
Grayham to inable him to pay his
Debts & to keep them negroes from
Being scattered and that GrahamGraham had
agreed to let him have the Negroes &
Back if he would pay of certain debts
that sd. GrahamGraham was bound for with said
DuncanDuncan Question do you know whether
he ever did pay them debts and if so
where did he do it

Answer, I do not know whether
he ever did say them but suppose
he did by his offer to sell same of the
Negroes to mee in the year 1823

Question by Defendant
Do you know when I purchased Lewis
& Jude from from Benjamin DuncanBenjamin Duncan