Lewis, a man of color vs. James Newton and Jacob Cooper
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To the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St Louis County March Term
AD 1835 State of MissouriMissouri

Your petitioner LewisLewis a Man of Color respectfully
states - that in the fall of the year Eighteen Hundred
& Twenty Two as near as your petitioner can recall it
he was the Slave of Benjamin DuncanBenjamin Duncan of the StateKentucky
of KentuckyKentucky & said Benjamin DuncanBenjamin Duncan then caused
your petitioner with his brother Ben & Several
other Slaves to be sent from the State of KentuckyKentucky
into the State of IndianaIndiana & there hired to Labor
& that said Benjamin DuncanBenjamin Duncan caused -
your petitioner & said other slaves to be hired
to labor in the State of IndianaIndiana in the year
last aforesaid for at least six weeks at a
place called Troy - Said Benjamin DuncanBenjamin Duncan
took your Petitioner from the State of
of IndianaIndiana to the State of KentuckyKentucky and
soon there after sold your petitioner to one
JamesJames Newton & Said JamesJames Newton brought
your petitioner to St LouisSt Louis where he now
holds your petitioner & claims him as his
Slave - Said Newtons Residence is in KentuckyKentucky
but your petitioner has for some time past
been hired to JacobJacob Cooper Said Newton
has now arrived in St LouisSt Louis & has time his
arrival here been endeavoring to sell your
petitioner as his Slave Your petitioner is
informed & believes that Said Newton
Sent your petitioner to MissouriMissouri to prevent
his getting his freedom & that he now
intends to send your petitioner out of this
State for the same purpose. Your petitioner
Says he is entitled to his freedom for the
reasons aforesaid & that two of the Slaves
which were sent to IndianaIndiana by Said
DuncanDuncan at the same time your petitioner
said & obtained their freedom in
consequence of there having been sent into

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IndianaIndiana & there hired to labor as before Stated
Your petitioner prays that he may be permitted
to sue as a poor person to establish his freedom that
counsel may be assigned to him & that such
further orders may be made in his behalf as
his personal Security & the law requires

Louis his Mark