Lewis, a man of color vs. James Newton and Jacob Cooper
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Louis a man of color
JamesJames Minton &
JacobJacob Cooper

Gustaves A BirdA Bird on his oath
says that he is the attorney for said LewisLewis , that
when he brought this suit he believed from the
best information he could get that said LewisLewis
& a woman named JudyJudy brought to MissouriMissouri
by JamesJames Minton were to there freedom
In consequince of there having been hired to labor
by there former master BenjaminBenjamin Duncan DuncanBenjamin Duncan in
the State of IndianaIndiana. This affiant was informed
by a Mr Bayee whom this affiant knows as a
worthy & truthful man that Newton stated to
him that Lewis & Judy claimed there freedom
in consequence of their residence in IndianaIndiana &
that he had brought them to MissouriMissouri to present
there suing for freedom. This affiant is informed
& believes that two of the Negroes of BenjaminBenjamin Duncan
DuncanBenjamin Duncan who was sent to IndianaIndiana where Lewis
& Judy was for that cause recovered then
Freedom. In Judys case which was for trial last
Term this affiant gave notice of taking Depositions
at Owensborough KentuckyKentucky took act a Dedimus
wrote particularly whom to summon and examine
as witnesses & enclosed the Dedimus instructions to to
a Mr Triptall a Lawyer of that place
no notice was taken of this communication
by Mr Triptall - this affiant again took out
commissions & gave notice of taking Depositions
in KentuckyKentucky - and wrote particular instructions
whom to have examined namely- the children
of BenjaminBenjamin Duncan DuncanBenjamin Duncan a Mrs. MortonMorton & he
who acted as sheriff of Daviess CountyDaviess County KentuckyKentuckyat
the time DuncanDuncan Sent his negroes into IndianaIndiana
which this affiant understood was a notorious fact

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This affiant put down questions which he wished
asked the witness enclosed Ten Dollars & handed
the commissioners instructions to to a Mr of
this place who was about passing by Owensborough
who agreed to leave the packet with the same
justice of the Peace Mr as affiant is
informed barely state at Owensborough & left
the packet in the past office they fell into
the hands of the Justice of the peace who
proceeded only to take the Deposition of our
witness for Plaintiff and one for Deft
did not as he informed me think it best
to ask all the questions for a freedom

G AG A Bird BirdG A Bird

Sworn to Nov 14 1835

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