Mary Ann Steel vs. William Walker
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To the Honorable Luke & Judge of the
Third Judicial Circuit for the State of MissouriMissouri

Your petitioner MaryMary Ann AnnMary Ann Steel a person of
color aged sixteen years on the 25th day of
July not to your that in
1821 being the slave of CatharineCatharine Steel in
the state of KentuckyKentucky she was by an Instrument
of by the said CatharineCatharine made and
intended as her last willemancipated &
liberated from slavery your petitioner states
that said CatharineCatharine steel acquired title to
your petitioner by the will of JamesJames Steel
power to set your petitioner free if
she should think proper. your petitioner
further says that after the death of said
CatharineCatharine Steel same the heirs of JamesJames Steel
claimed & insisted that your Petitioner was a
slave that the will of CatharineCatharine Steel
was inoperative & that your petitioner
ought to be sold & the proceeds divided
among the heirs of JamesJames Steel and for
this purpose a Bill was filed in the Ky against one
Charles Landers & others the of which
was to have your Petitioner & her mother
sold & the proceeds distrubted among
the heirs of JamesJames Steel The Bill was
answered by Charles Landers who admitted the
facts as stated in Bill & insisted
that the Instrument of writing made by
CatharineCatharine Steel as aforesaid was good &
under the act of 1800 to liberate
your petitioner & her mother from slavery &
subsmitted the law to the Court

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said Bill and answer to such proceedings
were had in said court that the
complainants Bill was dismisseduntil the
costs against the complainant on the ground
that your Petitioner was free your
petitioner states by the instrument [ imancipating ]
your petitioner your petitioner was requested
to remain with Rasanna & Grumburg Steel
untill she was 18 years old to pay for her
raising your petitioner did so
while she was permitted to remain in KentuckyKentucky
But your petitioner states that although said
Grumburgh Steel always while in KentuckyKentucky insisted
and declared that your Petitoner was
about three years ago he remained your
petitioner to MissouriMissouri & sold her about three
years ago as a slave untill the 25th day of July AD 1840 to one CurtisCurtis SkinnerSkinner & said
SkinnerSkinner sold her as a slave 25th July so 1840 to WilliamWilliam Walker WalkerWilliam Walker who now holds
your petitioner as a slave in St Louis County
The Record of the proceedings in the in KentuckyKentucky
as aforesaid are herewith shown to prove the
truth of this petition. Your petitioner prays that
she may he permitted to as a poor person
to establish her freedom that counsel may be
assigned to her & such orders made in her
behalf as the such cases requires

MaryMary Ann AnnMary Ann by
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