Francisco Corella vs. Benjamin L.E. Bonneville, Joseph Powell, Peter Powell
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and effects of said Defendant or of said Defendant with others as
stated in said plaintiffs fourth allegation. And the said Peter PowellPeter Powell
says, that no property or effects of the above Defendant or of the above
Defendant with others have come into the possession, custody or charge
of him the said Peter PowellPeter Powell . or of them the said Peter PowellPeter Powell and JosephJoseph Powell
PowellJoseph Powell , or, as far as he knows of either of them, alone or with others, and
therefore he cannot as he is frequently requested in the said Plaintiffs
Interrogatories "particulary specify and describe "any property or ef
fects, nor "add the name of the person to whom the same belongs," nor,
"the value thereof, to wit, the value of each item".

The above are the answers on oath which the said Peter PowellPeter Powell
summoned as one of the garnishees in the above entitled cause
leave to be permitted to put in to the said Plaintiff's several allega
tions and Interrogations according to the tenour of the plaintiff's
prayer and of the statute in such case made & provided, which
said answers and statements are as position, full and satisfactory
as in the nature of the case and the circumstances may be pos

Sworn& subscribed before
me Feby 26 1836

Peter PowellPeter Powell

WilliamWilliam Milnour