Francisco Corella vs. Benjamin L.E. Bonneville, Joseph Powell, Peter Powell
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and thirty five at the county aforesaid
was inindebted to the said plaintiff in the
further sum of two hundred an fifty Dollars
of lawfull money of the UnitedUnited States StatesUnited States
for work labour and services before that
done and performend by the said
plaintiff for the said defendant and
at his special instance and request and
to be paid by the said defendant to the
plaintiff when he the said defendant
should be thereunto afterwards requested.
whereby and by reason of the said last men
tioned sum of money being and remaining
wholly unpaid an action hath accrued
to the said plaintiff to demand and
have of and from the said Defendant the
sum of two hundred and fifty Dollars
parcel of the said sum above demanded.
In that whereas also the said plaintiff here
tofore to writ on the twenty ninth day
of February in the year of Our Lord one
Thousand eight hundred and thirty
two at to wit the counaty aforesaid
bound himself by another sealed instrument
instrument of writing being a
obligatory, (which said other writings obligates,
being in the possession of the said de
fendant the said plaintiff cannot pro
duce the same to the court here) to do
and perform certain work labor and services
for Defendant- Plaintiff avers that
he entered into and made and bound him
self by said then sealed instrument at
the request of Defendant to wit on the day
and year aforesaid at the county aforesaid

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I that the plaintiff was by said
other instrument to receive certain monies
from the defendant upon complaince
with the provisions of said other instruments
at the countingroom of ReneRene Paul PaulRene Paul in
the city of Saint LouisSt Louis, that he the
plaintiff complied with and per
formed every thing on this part to
be complied with and performed
by the provisions of said other instrument
aforesaid, to wit at the county a
foresaid,- untill as he
was against his plaintiffs' will and
desire discharged from any further
service for the defendant to wit with by the authourity of the Deft.
at the county aforesaid to writ at the title MissouriMissouri on the thirteenth day of June in the year of our one thousand eight hundred and thirty three, from
which time forward this time
the said Plaintiff hath ever held him
self ready and desired and offered
to perform every thing on his part to
be done and performed by the pro
visions of the said other instrument
aforesaid, at with at the county of
SaintSt Louis LouisSt Louis aforesaid.

That the amount of said monies
aforesaid to be received by Plff
as aforesaid was two hundred and
fifty Dollars; that Deft accepted said
other sealed instrument which was executed
an delivered to him by plaintiff to
wit on the twenty ninth day February
in the year of our Lord one thousand