Francisco Corella vs. Benjamin L.E. Bonneville, Joseph Powell, Peter Powell
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Circuit Court of the County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis
March Term A. D. 1836

Between FranciscoFrancisco Corella CorellaFrancisco Corella Pltff
vsJoseph PowellJoseph Powell
garnishee in an Attachment suit of
debt wherein Francisco CorellaFrancisco Corella is Plaintiff and BenjaminBenjamin L.E. Bonneville is defendant

This replication of FranciscoFrancisco Corella CorellaFrancisco Corella pltff
to the answer (to the allegations & iinterrogatories
in this suit) of Joseph PowellJoseph Powell garnishee

This repliant saving & reserving to
himself all and all manner of advantage
of exception to the manifold insufficiencies
of the said answer, for replication hereunto
sayeth, that he will will areer & prove his said
Bill on allegations & interrogatories to be
certian & sufficient in the law to be
answered unto and that the said
answer of the said garnishee is uncertain
untrue & insufficient to be replied unto
by this replaint, without that, that any
other matter or thing whatsoever in the said answer contained, or
fectual in the Law to be replied unto, con-
fessed or avoided, or denied is
; all which matters & things
this repliant is & will be ready to
areer & proves as this (not
& humbly prays &c FranciscoFrancisco Corella CorellaFrancisco Corella by

his Atrny>Mullanphy