Alexander Guianrd vs. Pierre Chouteau Junior
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off with about ten men On our route to
the prairie we met the plaintiff GuinardGuinard
and the other two men. GuinardGuinard was on
horseback, having saved one of the horses, the
other two were on foot. The other horses
and the Indians were gone. The Indians
were armed some with guns others with
bows & arrows, and lances no attempt was
made by Mr Culherson & his men to follow
after the Indians & horses my own belief is
that it would have cost the lives of us form
who had charge of the horses, to have resisted
the Indians

My wages for the eighteen months of my
engagement were two hundred & fifty dollars
and that was my first trip. GuinardGuinard had
been up the missouri before that was not his
first trip. On my arrival at St LouisSt Louis the
Company wished to deduct a hundred dollars
from the amount of my wages for my share
of the loss of those horses, but I would not
agree to the deduction. finally they reduced
their claim to fifty dollars and I settled
with them at that not that I believed them
to have a just claim against me not that
I belived myself responsible for the loss of
those horses which was unavoidable, but
that being a poor man I was unwilling
to engage in a litigation with a company
so rich, and who in case of a law suit with
them, might cause me to expend double
the amount which they claimed to deduct
at the time of our departure for St LouisSt Louis
we went to Mr Culherson for the purpose of
settling our amounts I was informed that
my amount was at the yellow stone- In
the settlement of Guinard's amount, no

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claim whatever was set up against him
for his share of the loss of those horses- neither
was any claim set up against me or that

The only claim against GuinardGuinard ,
set up by Culherson was a dedcution of ten
dollars for the reason that one day he had
refused to go hunting. The usual mode of
hunting in that country is to go out on
horseback and if game is killed to pack
it on the horse & return to the fort on foot
This mode is adopted to guard against danger
from the Indians. if attacked going out
the men can more easily escape if attacked
when coming in the meat can be thrown
off and the horse mounted To go out
hunting on foot is very dangerous, and Guinard's
refusal to go out was because he was ordered
to go out on foot

I reside in the town of Kahokia in
the state of IllinoisIllinois-
HenryHenry his


Sworn to & subscribed
before me the 2nd marh 1836

WilsonWilson Primm J.P