John N. Lavillebeuvre and William D. Walton v. Peter Powell and Joseph Powell
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Deposition of witnesses produced sworn and
examined at the office of Ambrose KirtlandAmbrose Kirtland
in the city of New YorkYork in the County of New
YorkYork in the state of New YorkYork Before one
Ambrose KirtlandAmbrose Kirtland a justice of the Peace
in a certain cause now depending in the
St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court state of MissouriMissouri be-
tween John MJohn M LavillebeuvreLavillebeuvre and WilliamWilliam D Walton
D WaltonWilliam D Walton Plaintiffs and PeterPeter and JosephJoseph Powell
PowellJoseph Powell Defendants on the part of the

Thomas J StewartThomas J Stewart of lawful age, being produced
sworn and examined on the part of the defendants
deposeth and saith that he resides at St LouisSt Louis
Mo: and has lately been in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia in
the state of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania on business and while
there and on or about the 20th of February last
he received a notice from Peter PowellPeter Powell one of the
Defendants to attend as a witness at the time
and place contained in the assured notice:
and in the cause therein mentioned, that on
or about the 22nd day of February last depo-
nent was taken sick and was unable to at-
tend at the time and place aforesaid that
he on the 25th day of February was confined
to the house and an several days afterwards
and that he by an management with said peter
powell on said 25th day of February at Philada
fixed upon this day the 7th of March as the
earliest period at which he could attend as a
witness in said cause and has now come to the
City of New YorkYork it give testimony therein.

Deponent further saith that the body of the
receipt hereunto annexed markid A, was drawn
by deponent, and the same was signed by JohnJohn Coates
CoatesJohn Coates in the presence of deponent on the day of
the date thereof to wit the 7th of June 1834 in the
country house of said PeterPeter and Joseph PowellJoseph Powell
in St LouisSt Louis who composed the firm of PeterPeter &

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Joseph PowellJoseph Powell that said receipt was given for
Peltries and furs purchased on account of said
P & J Powell, and forwarded to them at St LouisSt Louis
and it was expressly understood at the time of
payment to be in full for all claims whatever
by note or otherwise existing at the time against
said P & J Powell for any purchases made by
said John CoatesJohn Coates and, that the amount of three
thousand seven hundred and twenty nine dollars
and thirty three cents, was paid said CoatesCoates
in the Counting house of the said P & J Powell
at the time he gave said receipt and in my
presence, and further deponent saith swt.

Thomas J StewartThomas J Stewart