John N. Lavillebeuvre and William D. Walton v. Peter Powell and Joseph Powell
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The first general question for the jury is
whether Cotes within the the scope of
his agency or if not have his acts been
adopted and sanctioned by the defendants
If the jury shall be of opinion in the affir
mative this will find for the plaintiff
unless they shall be of opinion that
Cotes was authorized by the plaintiffs
to receive the balance due from
the defendants in which case the jury
will of course find for the defendants

The second general guestion for the jury
is whether, supposing no proven
or any sanction or adoption of Cotes' acts
by the defendants has then been any new
and responsibles by the

on this point the jury will consider the
whole of the evidance and particularly
will whether anyconsideration
for the plaintiff to
the defendants for such new and
promise if the jury shall be of opinion
that no such consideration they
will find for defendants

It maybe right to observe this if the jury
shall be of opinion that the plaintiffs
continued to hold Cotes as their debtor
after the letter by them for the
Def's they will consider this as evidence
of that no argument was made by
which the of Cotes to plaintiff
was him or to Cotes and
by the defendants

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