John N. Lavillebeuvre and William D. Walton v. Peter Powell and Joseph Powell
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St LouisSt LouisMay 24th 1834

WitnessLavillebeuvre& Walton


We are in receipt of
your letter of 15th just,apprising us of your having
a note of Mr.CoatesCoates which we to settle

In regard to the note we should make the
by the MichiganMichigan or Boonslick nowhere
which will be within the time named to MrCoatesCoates
and we would make the the facts of
the case are that MrCoatesCoates made a purchase
of deerskins on our tho in doing so he
>supplied>transcended his instuctions as to price and
assortmnet he gave his note for the purchase
at 30 days on the fact we apprised
him, that the skins might be shipped to us on
Certain Conditions, and one of than was, that the
payment would be made within to days from
reciept the persons of whom the purchase was
made, would be well paid of paid within
one year, as the price obtained was 20 percentmore
than they could have been sold for at
or any other market yet sue dispersed to
Mr Coats from a responsibility
had committed an error, in purchasing at the
price he did by one of the