Courtney, a woman of color v. Samuel S. Rayburn
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State of missouri, Circuit court Third for
dicide circuit March Term 1836.

County of St LouisCounty of St Louis feb

Courtney, a woman
of color complains of SamuelSamuel S. Rayburn
of a plea of trespass, assault and Batteryâ
false imprisonment. For that here to how
to wit an the first day of October in the year Eighteen hundred and thirty five, at
St LouisSt Louis in the said county, the said
defendant with forced and arms as assault
did make upon the said courtrey and
her the said courtrey did them did there
he at, wound and ill he at, and her the
said courtrey did then and their said
imprisonment>without any lawful or probable
so that keptdetained
her so in prison there from the day last
aforesaid to this day. And said plaintiff
says that at and before the times of
committiny the said several grievances
she was and thiee is a free person â
that said defendant has sheld and
detained â still holds and detaing
said plaintiff in slavery wherefore
the plaintiff says she is greatly injured
and hath sustained damages to
five hundred dollars â etherfore
she sues

Chad. D. DrakeD Drake Atty.