Courtney, a woman of color v. Samuel S. Rayburn
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To the Haw Luke â Lawleys Judge of the
circuit court of St LouisSt Louis county.

Yourpetitioner courtney, a woman
of color, about twenty three years of
age, respectfully represented, that she
was born in the State of VirginiaState of Virginia and
belonged to a man named Laclavd; that
when quite young she said sold by him
to his brother major John Gacland of
the United StatesUnited States Army; who told
her to Detroit in michigan; that
she was kept there in flavery as nearly
as she can recalled about two years;
that from there she was taken by
major GarlandGarland , , she
believes to Fort HowardHoward Green bay in in
michigan territory, where she was kept
sometimes, but how long she does not
remember, still held in service by major
GarlandGarland ; that from there she was taken
to PrairiePrairie da Chiew in michigan ter-
ritory, where she was kept about five
years in the family of major Gacland;
that about five years since she was
told by major GarlandGarland to Mr AlexisAlexis
Bay at PrairiePrairie da Chiew; that she
lived with Mr Bay abou five years
at St PetersSt Peters an the MississippiMississippi Revers
that somewhere about four months
rived Mr Bay removed to PrairiePrairie da
Chiew where and brought her with him,
and that she has been them with

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since until a shorttime ago, when
she was brought by him to the city
of St LouisSt Louis, and there told by him to
Mr SamuelSamuel A. Rayburn as a slave,
and that said Rayburn now holds
her in custody as a slave.

Your petitioner also represents that
the said Alexi Bay at the time of
selling her- told also to the said SamuelSamuel
S. Rayburn, an infant child of hard,
a log, about seven months old,
named, WilliamWilliam , who was forn at
St PetersSt Peters, while she was there in the
service of Mr Bay.

Your petitioner further states that
she belives herself and her child to be
legally entitled to their freedom; and
she therefore prays that she may
be permitted to sue as a poor person
for her freedom and that of her
now, and that your honor will
such other â further order in the premises as will secure to her, her legal rights.

Courtney her mark