Ben, a man of color v. Thomas I. White and William D. Woods
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Depositions of witnesses produced Sworn and
examined on the thirteenth day of October in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty eight
at the office of Patrick WalshPatrick Walsh in the City of St. LouisCity of St Louis
and state of MissouriMissouri and by consent of the attornies
James BJames B Bowlin and AlexanderAlexander Hamilton HamiltonAlexander Hamilton before
me Patrick WalshPatrick Walsh a justice of the peace within and
for the county of St. LouisSt Louis in the state aforesaid in a certain
cause now depending in the Circuit Court of the Country
of St. LouisSt Louis aforesaid between Ben a slave plaintiff,
and JamesJames woods Defendant on the part of the plaintiff

John Holtz of lawful age being produced
and sworn upon his oath states. That he is
a resident of St.Claire County IllinoisIllinois that
he has their for 18 or 19 years. That he
is acquainted with the by Ben called
Ben woods the plaintiff in this suit that he
became acquainte with Ben in IllinoisIllinois>
about five years ago. That said Ben
was then wroking in the cole mines of St. Claire
clair County, where he remained somewhere
about six or eight weeks at labour in the
mines That he was brought three witness by a man by the name of Dickenson
and was at work in connexion with a man
by the name of -. And further
this deponent saith that

and subscribed to before
the day and at the place first aforesaid

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SamuelSamuel Swagart of lawful age being
produceed and sworn upon his oath states
that he is a citizen of IllinoisIllinois and that about
five years ago he was a citizen of St.Louis County IllinoisIllinois That he knows
the plaintiff in this suit. That he
because, acquainte with him about
five years ago, in StSt Claire County ClaireSt Claire County CountySt Claire County
IllinoisIllinois where he was then working in
the Cole mines, that he boarded at deponents
House, while working in the mine
That said remained then about
six in eight weeks,- That he was
brought there, from St. LouisSt Louis in MissouriMissouri
by a man by the name of grainyer
and he was kept in their
working the mines until he was brought
back to St. LouisSt Louisabout 6 or 8 weeks after
he was brought over- Blueford RobinsonRobinson
the Cole away and witness belives
he was in the employ of Dickenson which Cole Ben And
further this deponent faith not

sworn and subscribed to before
me On the day and at the place
first aforesaid

his mark