Ben, a man of color v. Thomas I. White and William D. Woods
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William D. Moods,
ThomasThomas of

In the Saint LouisSt Louis Circuit Count,
November Term, 1838

Case Stated

The facts in the case and as follows:-

Ben, the plaintiff, was burn a , and at the
time repared to, before the commencement of this
, was, and state us the property of the defendant,
William D. Moods . About five years ago, and before this
was , the said woods the said
negro to his brother-in-law, and , who was then
about to come out for the state of , to
lord, who not to this state, and after being
look the slave over into St.
County, in the state of , for the purpose of working
him as a in the coal , and oil work
him these as and coal-land for seven or eight works,
after which was brought back to this state, and this
said was commenced by he slave for his freedom. The
in this state, and has done
ever came

Some time during the continuance of the
employment of the slave in , the said agent,
by better, imformed the said then , and
in the state of had
so employed the said slave in the state of ,
to & his
at the of in his operations at the
coal at the time of the
was infomed and that would be
danger in taking the and
get his freedom