Green Berry Logan, an infant of color, by and through his next friend, Judy, alias Julia Logan v. Berry Meachum
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State of MissouriMissouriCircuit CourtCircuit Court of the Third judicial cicuit holden
in and for the county of Saint LouisSt Louis - July Term 1836.

Saint LouisSt Louis County to writ

Green Berry LoganGreen Berry Logan an infant of color five years old on
the 15th of April 1836 by JudyJudy alias JuliaJulia Logan LoganJulia Logan his mother
appointed by the court aforesaid his next first complains
of Beny a free man of color of a plea of trespass:
for that the said Beny to writ on the 1st day of April 1831 at Saint LouisSt Louis in the county aforesaid with
force and arms made an assault upon him the said green
Benny LoganLogan and did then and there beat, bruise, and wound
the said Green Berry LoganGreen Berry Logan and their and then imprisoned him
the said Green Berry LoganGreen Berry Logan in person there without without
any reasonable or probable cause whatever for a long space
of time to writ: from the said 1st day of April 1836until this day during every day. And the said Green Berry LoganGreen Berry Logan
by JudyJudy alias Julia LoganJulia Logan his next friend that
before and at the time of the committing of the said several
greivances he was and still is a free person and that the
said Berry held and still holds him in slavery
contrary to the statute in such cases made and provided
to the damage of the said Green Berry LoganGreen Berry Logan five hundred
dollars and therefore he brings suit &c.

. W. Risque p. q