Julia, alias Mary Ann, and infant, by and through her next friend, Phillis v. Robert Duncan and Sally Adams
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In the matter of JuliaJulia
alias Mary AnnMary Ann

on Habeas Corpus
St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court

In return to the Habeas in this
cause Robert DuncanRobert Duncan and sally adams state that said
JuliaJulia is & has her from infancy with
them: that she was sold to said RobertRobert on
the 10th December 1822 by JohnJohn L Sutton L. SuttonJohn L Sutton and
after said for freedoms and obtained it by
of this court that she was there
sickly and said RobertRobert and sally wished to have
her taken off of their hands, but could not
find any person who wants take her, neither
the count or the city anthorities : that
they kept her since while she was helpless and supported her ; that she is, and has been
under no restraint and no is used
over her ; but that she wishes to stay
with then respondents not to go with
the person calling her mother
that there respondents from humanity kept &
supported her for many years when she was
a burden on their hands and an expense and
do not wish to turn her away, or to influence
her to go from them

Robert DuncanRobert Duncan

sworn to and subscribed in open court
27 August 1836.

John RulandJohn Ruland Clerk