Phillis, alias Susan, a free woman of color, v. Reddin B. Herring
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took affiant to near
in Illionis where he
the hands & of with irons
he these affiant bound as
aforesaid for about 10 or 12 days
then put affiant in a said
then put an a flat Boat had
her taken to Baton RougeRouge & there said
as a slave and said
all this time that affiant
This affiant has been held as a slave
taken by as aforesaid untill
the 19th day of march 1836 where she was by
the Judgement of the supreme court of the
state of LouisianaLouisiana This affiant
is healthy and has always been
a good servant while her suit was pending
for freedom in new orleans the hired 12 dollar per month. This affiant
belives that she could have earned
at the rate of one hundred Dollars a
year during the period she has been as aforesaid change of all
said Defendant is a resident of
the state of is now him
and about to remove from this state
This affiant fears that she
be in danger of the damages
she may recover in sand sent
said Defendant shall he held to court



her mark

sworn to & subscribed before me their 17 Sep: 1836

John RulandJohn Ruland Clerk

C. C.