Delph vs. Stephen Dorris
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Delph vsStephenStephen Dorris
March Term 1838

Be it remembered that on the trial of this
cause the Defendant read in evidence the following depositions
âCommonwealth of KentuckyKentucky,, Livingston CountyLivingston County, Depositions
âof witnesses produced, sworn and examined at the court in
âthe Town of Salem,, Livingston CountyLivingston County, State ofKentucky KentuckyKentucky,
"before me ChristopherChristopher Haynes, an acting justice of the peace
"in and for the county of LivingstonLivingston & State ofKentucky KentuckyKentucky,, in a
âcertain cause now depending in the circuit court in the
"county of St. LouisSt Louis and State of MissouriMissouri, between DelphDelph
âa woman of coular plaintiff & StephenStephen C Dorriss defendand,
"on the part of the Defendant. David BrownDavid Brown of lawful
âage being produced sworn and examined on the part
âof the Defendant deposeth and saith; that he was well acquainted
"with Thomas PattersonThomas Patterson in the years 1806, 7 & 8 in this
âcounty, that he has often seen him write and that he was
âwell acquainted with his signature and verily, believes &
"has no doubt but the signature of the said ThomasThomas
"PattersonPatterson signed to a paper as a witness now shown me
â purporting, to be a Bill of sale from Josiah RamsayJosiah Ramsay Sr to
âJonathanJonathan Ramsay ,RamsayJonathan Ramsay for a certain negro is the proper and
"genuine signature to the said Thomas PattersonThomas Patterson , said paper
âor bill of sale is here unto, attached and marked thus (A) (a)
âand among other endorsements on the back, is one in these
âwords âfiled 12 October 1835 I. O. Clerk. This Deponent
âfurther saith that he thinks and believes, that said ThomasThomas
"PattersonPatterson left this county, LivingstonLivingston , sometime in the spring
âor summer of the year 1808, and went to ArkansasArkansas,, since
âwhich time he has not been in this State KentuckyKentucky, as this
âDeponent knows of - he further sayeth that he has heard &
âbeleives the report true,, that the said Thomas PattersonThomas Patterson
"died a few years since in the now new State ofArkansa ArkansasArkansa, he,