Delph vs. Stephen Dorris
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"further sayeth, that said Thomas PattersonThomas Patterson was taken esteemed,
âand beleived among his acquaintances while living in this
âcounty as a correct, honest and upright man and further
"this Deponent sayeth not. David BrownDavid Brown . I ChristopherChristopher
"Haynes, a justice of the Peace for LivingstonLivingston and state of KentuckyKentucky,
"do certify that David BrownDavid Brown the Deponent was by me,
âsworn to testify the whole truth of his knowledge touching the
âmatter in controversy in the cause aforesaid that the deponent
âwas examined and his examination, reduced to writing
âand subscribed by said Deponent in my presence on the 16th âDay of March 1837 between the hours of six, in the four noon
âand six, in the afternoon at the court house in Town of Salem
â LivingstonLivingston County, CountyLivingston County & state of KentuckyKentucky, and certified this
â16th day of March 1807. ChristopherChristopher Haynes JP,

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Presley, Gray