Delph vs. Stephen Dorris
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"dead - And that said Josiah RamsayJosiah Ramsay Sr died in CallawayCallaway County,
â County, Mo. in September 1834. Beverly A Ramsay.
âSworn and subscribed to before me, on the day at the place
"and within the hours first aforesaid . G W Miller, J. P. I GeorgeGeorge
âMiller a justice of the peace within and for the county
âof Cole,, in the state of MissouriMissouri do hereby certify that
"RobertRobert H Jones H JonesRobert H Jones , & Beverly A Ramsay the deponents
âwere by me severally sworn to testify the whole
âtruth of their knowledge, touching the matter in con,
â troversy, aforesaid, that they were, examined, and
âtheir examinations to writing in their [ presents ] and by
âthem respectively subscribed in my presence, the day between
âthe hours, and at the place in that behalf first
"aforesaid. G W Miller J. P." The defendant also gave
âBill of sale
J Ramsay to J Ramsay
âin evidence the following instruments-â for and in consideration
âof the sum of thirteen hundred and twenty,
âthree dollars to me in hand paid by JonathanJonathan Ramsay ,RamsayJonathan Ramsay the
"receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged I Josiah RamsayJosiah Ramsay Sr of
"the county of LivingstonLivingston and state of Kentuky, do hereby
âsell and convey to JonathanJonathan Ramsay ,RamsayJonathan Ramsay of the county and
âstate afore,, my negro, woman Bell, and my two negro,
âgirls Amy, & Delp with their, future increase, and also my
âtwo negro, boys Ephraim & George reserving, to myself the use
âof sd, negroes and their increase for and during, my natural
âlife - Given under my hand and seal this 27 day of august â1807Josiah RamsayJosiah Ramsay Sr

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