Delph vs. Stephen Dorris
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Beverley, A. Ramsay of lawful age, being produceed
sworn & examined on the part of the defendant
deposeth, and saith that

DelphDelph a Mulatto, girl now about thirty two years of
age was born, a slave for life the property, of JosiahJosiah Ramsay Sr
RamsayJosiah Ramsay Sr sent late, of CallawayCallaway County county in this state
that said JosiahJosiah by deed of sale conveyed, said DelphDelph
to JonathanJonathan Ramsay ,RamsayJonathan Ramsay by whom said DelphDelph was
some years afterwards conveyed, to StephenStephen , C. Dorriss
said defendant, now of CallawayCallaway County county
that said JosiahJosiah never at any time since the birth
of said DelphDelph owned, another slave of the name
of DelphDelph ; that said DelphDelph has been seen by this
deponent in the City of St. LouisCity of St Louis where, he understands,
she now resides - that he, this deponent - know one
ThomasThomas Patterson ,PattersonThomas Patterson who was a subscribing witness,
to the said deed, of sale by which said JosiahJosiah Ramsay Sr
RamsayJosiah Ramsay Sr conveyed, said DelphDelph , with other slaes, to
said JonathanJonathan Ramsay ,RamsayJonathan Ramsay , that said PattersonPatterson
removed, from the state of KentuckyKentucky, to the territory,
of ArkansasArkansas, and that some years ago it was currently,
reported among his acquaintances, & connections
in the state of MissouriMissouri, and believed by them
that said PattersonPatterson was dead, - and that said
Josiah RamsayJosiah Ramsay Sr died in CallawayCallaway County county , in September 1834

Beverly A. Ramsay