Delph vs. Stephen Dorris
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DelphDelph ,
March Term 1838

March Term 1838
Be it remembered that on, the
trial, of this case the defendent read in evidence
the following depositions (here insert
the depos, of deft those not read)
Defendent also read in evidence the following
instruments (here insert the Bill of sale of
Josiah RamsayJosiah Ramsay Sr ,to Jonathan RamsayJonathan Ramsay , and of
Jonathan RamsayJonathan Ramsay , to plantiff)

Defendent here closed his case the
plantiff there offered & read in evidence
the deposition of WilliamWilliam LucasLucas ,
also the deed of emancipation, and the certificates thereon and the
following depositions (here insert the other depositions of plantiff) saint
Bill of sale from JosiahJosiah , to Jonathan RamsayJonathan Ramsay , in evidences was are a good deal
worn and some what tone and parted together are the back, with

this, was all the testimony given
in the case & the court there upon instructed
the jury that there was no evidences before
them of a of said DelphDelph by
Jonatha to Josiah RamsayJosiah Ramsay Sr or of said Bill
of sales being in or
from which they could it one or
the other of which was necessary, in and
that the deed of emancipation, should
and that it was for the jury, to
determine wheather the Bill of sale given
in evidence Josiah RamsayJosiah Ramsay Sr , to
Jonathan RamsayJonathan Ramsay ,was executed, by the
Josiah RamsayJosiah Ramsay Sr , the original owner of the
slave. To the giving which instructions the
plantiff by her counsel, excepted & prayed