Samuel, a man of color vs. John Howdershell
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Depositions of witnesses produced. Sworn
and examined at Nashville in the County ofCounty of Washington
WashingtonCounty of Washington and State of IllinoisIllinois before me the undersigned
Isaac ParlierIsaac Parlier Justice of the Peace (for said
County of WashingtonCounty of Washington,) in a certain cause now pending
in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court for the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis
and State of MissouriMissouri, between SamuelSamuel a man
of color and John [ Howderdshell ] plaintiff and
John [ Howerdshell ] defendant on the part of
the plaintiff

David W Nelson of Lawful age being,
sworn and examined on the part of the Plaintiff
deposeth and saith-

A boy (SamuelSamuel ) AndrewAndrew JJames Harryman [ James HarrymanHerryman ] brought to
this County I think as well as my Memoryservesme
in 1830 - A.JA J Herryman . [ A J HerrymanHerryman ] brought said boy here in
the summer and took him away the next year
A.JA J Herryman .[ A J HerrymanHerryman ] brought boy (SamuelSamuel )back in 1835 (I think)
- Sometime in 1836 A.JA J Herryman .[ A J HerrymanHerryman ] man took said boy
away again - said boy (SamuelSamuel ) was by [ HerrymanHerryman ]
treated as a slave whilst here (as well as my
memoryserves me) [ HerrymanHerryman ]hired said boy
out to WilliamWilliam Middleton in the CountyCounty of Washington of WashingtonCounty of Washington
IllinoisIllinois Said boy was at all times at A.JA J Herryman . [ A J HerrymanHerryman ] disposal to the best of my recollection
[ HerrymanHerryman ] claimed said boy as his slave- never
heard that the boy was claimed by [ any body ] else
John and Charles[ Herryman ] brothers of A.JA J Herryman .[ A J HerrymanHerryman ]were living in the county of WashingtonWashington IllinoisIllinois
I have seen said boy at both the Houses of John
and Charles [ Herryman ]- [ herd ]A.JA J Herryman .[ A J HerrymanHerryman ] state
that he would had offered the boy (SamuelSamuel ) one
Hundred Dollars if he (SamuelSamuel ) would let[ HerrymanHerryman ]
sell him - this statement was made before [ HerrymanHerryman ]
said he had sold the boy- A.JA J Herryman .[ A J HerrymanHerryman ] said

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he hated to sell the boy (SamuelSamuel ) he had been with
him so long - when the boy was first brought here
by [ HerrymanHerryman ] the boy was about 12 or 14 years of age-
The boy was of black color- the boy was neither
very short or heavy made nor very slender but rather
of common State- I have never seen said
boy since he was taken from here the last time

Cross Examined

AndrewAndrew JJames Harryman [ James HarrymanHerryman ] and myself were both living
in this County ( WashingtonWashington, IllinoisIllinois) where the
boy was first broughtduring his first stay- I lived
about 2 1/2 miles from him during his first stay
in this State- A JA J Herryman [ A J HerrymanHerryman ] and his brother JamesJames
came on a visit in 1830- brought said boy SamuelSamuel
with them- they went away the next year
after warm weather was here some 10 or 12 months -
The winter succeeding their arrival in 1830 some time in January. I think the [ Herrymans ]tried
to take the boy SamuelSamuel to MissouriMissouri but failed I
think on account of the river being impossible
I think the [ Herrymans ] came here fist in [ august ] 1830-
I think the boy was with them all the
time they were here- I do not know whether
the [ Herrymans ]and the boy was in MissouriMissouri during
their first stay in IllinoisIllinois, A.JA J Herryman .[ A J HerrymanHerryman ] I think
obtained no permanent residence on his first
stay but rather was here as a transitory visitor-
the [ Herrymans ] returned with the boy in the latter
part of October 1835- they left the succeeding
year in the spring or summer- they had the
same boy with them on their second visit that
they had on their first- the boy was hired out to
WilliamWilliam Middleton at cash two weeks- I do
not know whether the boy was ever taken to
MissouriMissouri until May or June 1836 when [ HerrymanHerryman ]
took him there to hire out- I do not know