Samuel, a man of color vs. John Howdershell
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She did not live in this County at the time
[ HerrymanHerryman ] first came here I do not know
whether [ Herryman's ] mother lived in the County
when[ HerrymanHerryman ] came here the second time
I think John[ Herryman's ] mother was here whilst
the boy was with AA J Herryman JA J Herryman [ A J HerrymanHerryman ]; and am
sure A.JA J Herryman . [ A J HerrymanHerryman's ] father was there once during
the negro boy's stay with A JA J Herryman . [ A J HerrymanHerryman ], The
father of A.JA J Herryman .[ A J HerrymanHerryman ] set up no claim to said
boy that I know of do not know for certain
that A JA J Herryman [ A J HerrymanHerryman's ] father knew that the boy
was here though he and the boy [ staid ] in the
same neighborhood. I never heard of A JA J Herryman [ A J HerrymanHerryman's ]
mother set up any claim to the boy
when the boy first came here I think he was
about, 14 years of age judging from his appearance
he was the only black boy [ HerrymanHerryman ] had
with him whilst here to my knowledge

B.M. Cox Cross examiner

I think AA J Herryman JA J Herryman [ A J HerrymanHerryman ] came here in the
summer or fall of 1830 I did not know A JA J Herryman
[ A J HerrymanHerryman ] or this boy before they came to this
County. [ Herryman ] was in and out of this County
but generally in this County as I believe, it is my
impression that the boy was with [ HerrymanHerryman ]
at times in the during his first stay
[ HerrymanHerryman ]whilst here the first time
stated generally with his brother CharlesCharles , and
father in law and employed this boy about his
horses. I did not see [ HerrymanHerryman ] or the boy after
he left until he returned the second time
and the witness being asked this question, to wit
did you learn from Mr[ HerrymanHerryman ] whether he

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resided in MissouriMissouri during his absence from here
between his first and second coming to this State
to which the plaintiff by his counsel objected
replied [ HerrymanHerryman ] told me he lived in MissouriMissouri
I do not know of [ HerrymanHerryman ] making any purchase
of land or attaining any permanent home
(here during his first stay). When [ HerrymanHerryman ]
came the second time to this County he said
he came to stay I think [ HerrymanHerryman ] did not send
the boy back immediately after purchasing
the land, I think was in the year of 1836 or 1837
that [ HerrymanHerryman ] disposed of the boy I lived about
one and a half or two miles from [ Herryman's ]
farm that he purchased. I think [ HerrymanHerryman ] went
on his farm in the fall HarrymanHarryman disposed of
the boy after he went on his farm. I can't
say how long after going to his farm [ HerrymanHerryman ]
disposed of the boy

Examined in Chief
My impression that the boy was in MissouriMissouri
with[ HerrymanHerryman ] was derived from what MrHarrymanHarryman
told me

Cross Examined

Witness does not know that the boy who is
now suing for for his freedom is the same
one that was here with [ HerrymanHerryman ] and
has not seen him to know him since [ HerrymanHerryman ]
disposed of him


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