Samuel, a man of color vs. John Howdershell
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Deposition of a witness produced, sworn
and examined at my office in the County of WashingtonCounty of Washington
and State of IllinoisIllinois before me the undersigned
John WilliamsJohn Williams a Justice of the Peace in a certain
cause now pending in the St Louis County Circuit CourtCircuit Court
State of MissouriMissouri between Sam of color, plaintiff
and JohnJohn Howdershell [ John HowdershellHowdeshell ] defendant, on the part of the

LydiaLydia Harryman [ Lydia HarrymanHarryman ] of lawful age being sworn
and examined on the part of the defendant, deposeth
and saith. My husband died in MissouriMissouri in the
year 1833, I am administratrix of his estate- previous
to his death there was a negro boy named Sam, belonging
to my husband that was put into the hands of
AndrewAndrew J. [ HarrymanHarryman ]- the reason why the negro boy
was put into his hands was that my husband was owing
certain individuals, and AndrewAndrew J. [ HarrymanHarryman ] was his
security; and if he had to pay any of the debts for
which he was bound as security then the said negro
boy was to become the property of him the said AndrewAndrew
J.HarrymanHarryman , and if he had not any such debts to
pay then the negro boy was to revert to my husband
He never had to pay any debt or any part thereof
for my husband to my certain knowledge. Sometime
previous to the death of my husband JamesJames Harryman [ James HarrymanHarryman ]
and AndrewAndrew J. [ HarrymanHarryman ], then being in the StateMissouri
of MissouriMissouri stated to visit their relations living
in the State of IllinoisIllinois, taking the negro boy Sam
with them, and afterwards my husband went and got
the negro boy and brought him home to Chariton
County MissouriMissouri where he then lived, and set him to
work; and he was not considered by my husband to
be the property of any body but my husbands unless
AndrewAndrew J. [ HarrymanHarryman ] should have to pay the debt or
debts before mentioned all the debts, claims, and

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demands that have ever been presented against
the estate have been paid and there is no demand
against the estate to my knowledge. The negro never
was set apart by me as the property of AndrewAndrew
J. [ HarrymanHarryman ], nor otherwise given, or sold to him, otherwise
than as above stated, and I never [ reckognised ]
his right to said negro. I do not know that he is the
same person who has suedJohnJohn Howdershell [ John HowdershellHowdeshell ] I do
not know [ Howdeshell ].

LydiaLydia Harryman [ Lydia HarrymanHarryman ]
her mark