Judy, a woman of color v. Barry Meachum
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Depositions of Witnesses produced, sworn and examined
at the Tavern of John C Clark in the Town of VincennesVincennes in the
County of KnoxCounty of Knox and State of IndianaIndiana before one SamuelSamuel Hill
a Justice of the peace in and for said Town and County
in a certain cause now depending in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of
Saint LouisSt Louis County in the State of MissouriMissouri between
JudyJudy a woman of color plaintiff and BerryBerry Meachum MeachumBerry Meachum deft.
on the part of the plff.

Daniel Strother a man of Color of lawful age being produced
sworn and examined on the part of the plaintiff deposeth
and saith

Question By plffs. atty. Are you acquainted with RobertRobert Buntin Jr BuntinRobert Buntin Jr JrRobert Buntin Jr .
Answer - Yes.

By same In what year did you become acquainted with him
Ans. 2 I think it was in the year 1793 -

By same. when did he reside when you first knew him
Ans. Here in VincennesVincennes.

By same, Has he resided here ever since?

Ans. He has resided in VincennesVincennes until about five
years. ago, when he moved to the Country and now
lives in this (KnoxKnox County ) CountyKnox County

By same; was he or was he not the owner of slaves
at any time during his residence in VincennesVincennes?

answer. He was the owner of Indented servants
a good many.But never owned any slaves. He
(Mr. BuntinBunton ) did not come to VincennesVincennes until after
the ordinance of 1787.

By same. What were their names and ages?

ans. Old JudyJudy & husband WilliamWilliam and two children
SarahSarah and LouisaLouisa . Nancy Phillis and Young JudyJudy -
By same - what was the age of JudyJudy (the plff) when
you first know her?

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Ans.. She appeared to be between thirteen or fourteen
young looking.

By same. What was her size, color &c. at the time referred
to in the last question?

ans. She was a well grown girl, but grew a good
deal after Mr. BuntinBunton got her. she was dark. she was
large tall, and heavy before she left here perhaps would
have weighed 150 or 160.

By same. In what year did RobertRobert Buntin BuntinRobert Buntin bring JudyJudy
to VincennesVincennes; and from whom and where did he by

ans. Capt., R.Buntin did not bring her here. She was
brought to VincennesVincennes I think in 1796. By a woman
who called herself Mrs. McCue from whom BuntinBunton bought
her. - She (Mrs. McCue) ) said she came from VirginiaVirginia
she boarded with Mr. BuntinBunton and was in want of money
and sold Plff to Mr. BuntinBunton to raise some.

Question by same. How long did she remain in the
possession and under the control of RobertRobert Buntin BuntinRobert Buntin ?

ans. Four or five years or thereabout

By same. was she or was she not sent off from
VincennesVincennes - if so state - in what year and in
whose custody?

ans. She went from Buntins custody into that of
Touissant Dubois? die? which was the last I knew
of her. she disappeared all once from VincennesVincennes
without my knowing how - Mr. DuboisDubois was a
man - and I dont know wheter he took or sent her
off I heard that Mr. DuboisDubois employed aFrenchman
by the name of Genereux to take her away to New
MadridMadrid the first I heard of her afterwards was