Judy, a woman of color v. Barry Meachum
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Ans. I dont know where he bought her nor who
from- and I dont know the time she brough was
brought here exactly- She was brought though
I think by Mrs. McCue about 1796-

Que By same- How long did she remain with
RobertRobert Buntin BuntinRobert Buntin and under his control

Ans. about three or four years I think it
has been so long that I cant tell the time

By same- Was she or was she not sent off
from VincennesVincennes. if so state in what year
and in whose custody-?

Ans. I dont know and cant tell who took
her away- She was first taken to T.Dubois
and from there was first taken away as was supposed
Then to IllinoisIllinois- but it was not certainly known
where nor by whom but Mr.MenardMenard was
believed to be the one that took her-

By same- Were you Bound or indented when JudyJudy
was here-

Ans. I was. and had been bound about three
years before she came- was brought
further this deponent saith not.

Peggy Pelkia