Judy, a woman of color v. Barry Meachum
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Pursuant to the adjournment as afore
stated on the twenty second day of July Eighteen Hundred and thirty seven
between the hours of eight o'clock AM
and seven o'clock P.M at the Tavern
of John C Clark in the town of Vin
-cennes County ofCounty of Knox KnoxCounty of Knox State of Indian
I continued the taking of said Depo
sitions as follows.

Robert BuntinRobert Buntin of lawful age being produced, sworn
and examined, on the part of the plaintiff deposeth and

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Page 8th.

Question By plff. atty. In what your did you come to VincennesVincennes
Ans I came to VincennesVincennes in april or May 1793 -

By same Have you ever been the owner of slaves - since
your residence in VincennesVincennes . ?

ans. I have been the owner of Black people. I bought them
all generally with the intention of liberating them
I bought them all after 1787-

The first I boughts was WilliamWilliam - and JudyJudy his
wife and SallySally her oldest child. I bought also
afterwards young JudyJudy . from WilliamWilliam SullivanSullivan
in the year 1799. as appears by his Bill of Salel to
me hereto annexed and made part of this deposition
By same - Did you know one Mrs. McCue. about 1796
who resided in VincennesVincennes?

ans. I know a Mrs. Chew. who resided in the Garrison
adjoining my residence. she was brought in
by the Indians and represented herself as the
wife of a Mr. Chew who she said was killed
by the Indians whilst trading down the River
as she represented - I was acting
as Quartermaster and Commissary to the Garrison
by order of the Commanding officer -
General WilkinsonWilkinson

By same. Was Young JudyJudy brought to VincennesVincennes
about the time that Mrs. Chew was brought
in by the Indians - or was she not?

ans. Yes Mrs. Chew I think was brought in
before some time - but near about the same

By same. How long did you own young JudyJudy
am. I dont know perhaps two, three, or four years.